Barco CHDD-268 6 x 8 inch Cockpit Head Down Display

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The CHDD-268 is an advanced, very compact 6 x 8 inch avionics displays that accepts both digital video inputs (DVI) and most of the currently available analog video inputs (Composite, RGB, STANAG,...). It is fully  compatible with Barco's PU-2000 Processing Unit.

High brightness, excellent contrast, wide viewing angles

Equipped with sunlight-readable AMLCD and LED backlight technology, the CHDD-268 provides exceptionally high brightness, excellent contrast, and a very wide viewing angle in all directions. It allows the same unit to be used in portrait as well as landscape mode.

The innovative CHDD-268 unit is certified up to level A for displaying critical data. Because of this, the display can be used as Primary Flight Display (in combination with an external symbol generator like the PU-2000) in almost any type of aircraft.


• 2 Digital Video Inputs (DVI)
• Various possible analog video inputs (Composite, VGA to XGA RGB (SoG or +H,+V), STANAG 3350B & C)
• Exceptional optical performance
• Extra wide viewing angle
• Unique infrared touch screen option
• Compact design
• Various keyboard options
• Option NVIS Class B compatibility
• Ambient luminance control
• Compatible with PU-2000 Processing Unit
• Extensive Built-In Testing (BIT)

Panel type AMLCD (Silicon TFT)
Panel active area 158.2 x 211.1 mm / 6.23 x 8.31"
Panel resolution 1024 x 768
Screen specifications 262,144 colors
64 grayscales (253 with dithering)
Brightness White surface luminance 250 fL, 856 cd/m²
Contrast ratio >500:1 @ dark environment
>10:1 @ 10,000 fC
Anti-reflection MIL-C-14806A
Colors Extended color gamut thanks to LED backlight
NVIS MIL-STD-3009 Class B Type II NVIS (optional)
Color temperature <5000 K
Viewing angle Horz: +/-80°, Vert: +/-80°
Video inputs DVI digital video (maximum 2)
Analog video (maximum 6, depending on format)
Control RS-422 keyboard communication
Power Supply 28 Vdc, DO-160E
Power consumption 70W at 150 fL (operating)
Weight 3.5 kg / 7.8 lbs
Cooling Internal fans, cooling via cold wall
Built-in testing IBI, CBIT, PBIT
Software RTCA/DO-178B Level B (D for analog inputs)
Hardware RTCA/DO-254 Level A (D for analog inputs)
Environmental RTCA/DO-160E
High temperature +55°C / +131°F operational, +71° / +160°F (30 mins)
Low temperature -40°C / -140°F operational
Warm-up time 5 min.
Humidity Up to 95% RH, 60°C condensing
Vibration DO-160E
Operational shock DO-160E 6g
Altitude 50,000 ft (operational)
MTBF 15,000 hrs (AIC)
Front controls Brightness
Up/down rocker switch
Control keys Special function keys, customer selectable softkeys
Optional infrared touch screen
Automatic light control, 2 light sensors
Options • Picture in Picture (PIP) digital/analog or analog/digital, scaling, rotating, image dithering capabilities for FLIR cameras
• Contrast control on second rocker switch
• IR touch screen
• Bezel with rotary buttons and/or joystick