Barco MDP-471/4 28" fan-less LCD main display for air traffic control (ATC)

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Zapytanie o produkt Barco MDP-471/4 28" fan-less LCD main display for air traffic control (ATC)

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Since its introduction in 2000, Barco's 2Kx2K main display for ATC controller working positions has become the world's leading ATC display both in new installations and as a direct replacement for the Sony DDM CRT display.

Unequaled image quality

MDP-471/4 always features the latest LCD panel technologies, presenting an ergonomic solution for ATC controller workstation positions. The 4 MegaPixel LCD screen offers brightness uniformity in white, gray, and black images and ensures zero bright dot defects. A wide viewing angle, high contrast, and absolutely no reflection help you observe every track, enhance user comfort and reduce eye-fatigue.

Unique design

The fan-less design of the 2Kx2K main display ensures noiseless operation in an open architecture for improved operator comfort. All cables are hidden and connectors are easily accessible. The display's slim design, low weight and mechanical flexibility provide control center designers with a new degree of freedom to reduce plant and energy costs.

Green performance

MDP-471/4 displays use mercury-free and energy-saving LED backlights, reducing power consumption by 20%. The displays produce no heat and feature near-zero energy consumption when not in active use.

Smart obsolescence management

MDP-471/4 has an extremely low life cycle cost. It has been built with non-wearable components and comes with a 5-year warranty.


28-inch screen diagonal Screen aspect ratio of 1:1 ultra-wide viewing angle: clearly visible image from nearly all angles On Screen Display Backlight Output Stabilization Standard 5-year warranty 4 MegaPixel resolution (2048 x 2048) Long lifetime LED technology very low noise for its class exceptional energy-efficient and/or ergonomic low total cost of ownership
Resolution 2048 x 2048 pixels
Pixel pitch 0,246 x 0,246 mm
Active screen area 503.8 x 503.8 mm (19.83 x 19.83")
Active screen diagonal 712.4 mm (28.05")
Pixel arrangement RGB vertical stripe
Pixel defect zero bright dot
Backlight Edge LED backlight system
LED lifetime > 100,000 hours
Brightness 150 cd/m² calibrated and stabilized
Uncalibrated brightness typical 375 cd/m²
Backlight Output Stabilization (BLOS) yes (real-time feedback loop through continuous measurement)
Backlight aging compensation 
Dimming ratio 100:1 (wrt the calibrated 150 cd/m² => as low as 1,5 cd/m²)
Contrast ratio Typically 1500:1 - ratio of white/black image ; min 1200:1
Noise Level NA
passive cooling only
Display colors 16.7 Mio (24bit)
Color temperature Adjustable between native, D65 and custom
Viewing angle Superwide viewing angle performance
178 ° typical, with CR greater than or equal to 10
Uniformity White brightness uniformity 80% (min)
Black brightness uniformity 60% (typ)
Reflection Close to zero reflection due to NO front glass
Front glass Optional
Response time Tr (black to white transition): 10 ms, typical
Tf (white to black transition): 8 ms, typical
Video inputs 4 digital input connectors
2 x DVI-D Dual link
2 x DisplayPort
Digital multisync Support standard VESA resolution lower than its maximum resolution
Resolutions lower than native which will be displayed in letterbox format
Graphic cards scale up is supported (showing low resolution boot content on full 2K LCD surface)
Analog RGB Connector type: 5 x BNC
Termination: R,G,B: 50 Ohm; HS, VS: 75 Ohm
Sony DDM compatible resolution: 2048 x 2048 - 60Hz ; HF: 126.84 kHz
Automatic Phase Adjust (APA) 
Power Supply Nominal voltage: 110 Vac & 230 Vac
Operates between: 90-264 Vac
Frequency range: 47-63 Hz
Power consumption Pacc is typ 31 Watt (in typical area control center setting: 70 cd/m2)
Pnom is typ 41 Watt (stabilized at 150 cd/m2)
Pmax is typ 70 Watt (when Backlight Stabilization is OFF: +375 cd/m2)
Power connector type: IEC
Power consumption low DPMS: 1.9 Watt (monitoring all digital inputs)
Power consumption soft off: 0.5 Watt
Control possibilities Front control module controls multi-language On Screen Display
Remote serial control (full 9 wire RS-232 compatible) for Barco protocol & color measurement equipment
Remote serial DDM Protocol (RS422 on DSUB 15 pin connector)
Network - DHCP / Stat IP / SNMP / Webinterface
Integrated USB hub
-USB upstream port (1x)(connects workstation)
-USB downstream port (2x) (connects pheriphical devices)
GPIO - general purpose input/output (3 input / 3 output, open collector)
Options Protective front filter glass. (Front glass with high-quality anti-reflective treatment - specular reflection less than 1.0%)
(Standard ISIS/4 has no front glass installed - EMI performance level B; LCD display hardness 3H)
Dual Power supply support - internal
Analog inputs RGB HS VS
Desktop version HxWxD: 585x561x135mm
Bezel width:
-top: 39mm
-bottom: 39mm
-left: 27mm
-right: 27mm
Mounting VESA 100x100 and 200x100, M4
EMI / EMC EU/IEC/Canada/FCC: limit B
Safety IEC60950-1, EN60950-1, UL60950-1, cUL60950-1
Operating temperature 10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F)
Humidity 85% at 35°C non-condensing atmosphere (operational and non-operational)