CD-2245 Cross-cockpit collimated display system

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Barco's cross-cockpit collimated display systems are fully integrated, turn-key displays for enhanced side-by-side cockpit training. The CD-2245 is based on a 10-ft radius polyester film mirror.

One complete solution

The CD-2245 collimated display combines Barco's expertise in projection, mechanical structures, screens and display alignment to form one comprehensive solution from the same manufacturer. This means you only need one address to turn to for design, installation and service.

Superior system performance

Since Barco manufactures all the components of this display, including the optical system and projectors, Barco can guarantee the total system performance. The CD-2245 offers the highest resolution and highest brightness images available, and exceeds the new ICAO 9625 Ed. 3 performance standard. Barco's polyester film mirror has the best optical performance and is the heart of the display. The CD-2245 can accommodate large fields-of-view up to 220 x 45 degrees.

Superior image quality

The CD-2245 comes standard with Barco's advanced liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) projection technology that is FAA Level-D certified. The purpose-designed Barco projectors feature technology that strongly reduces smearing of fast-moving images so that pilots can detect, recognize and identify objects much faster. With Barco's unique constant contrast dimming, extended contrast ratio and improved infrared features, your image's dynamic contrast can become over 2,000,000:1. And with black levels on par with CRT standards, this creates the ideal circumstance for night training.

World-wide support

Barco's worldwide presence and long-term involvement with the training and simulation market ensures we can implement the collimated display globally. Barco works with you on a tailor-made maintenance program to help you achieve the performance you target, offers service agreements tuned to your needs.