CD-2260 Cross-cockpit collimated display system

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The CD-2260 combines Barco's expertise in designing collimated display systems, with the company's leadership in professional visualization. With an unobstructed 225° horizontal and 60° vertical field of view, this collimated display system offers pilots the closest experience to real cross-cockpit flying.

Designed to perform

The spherical metalized film mirror with 11-foot radius is designed using a unique closed-loop design process around Barco's proprietary SimCAD software. This allows us to accurately predict the visual performance of the system, and to fine-tune the overall system design - resulting in unmatched collimating performance, improved sweet spot for the pilots, and a wider range of pilot eye point separations. To match particular platforms, the CD-2260 can be delivered with a vertical bias of +30°/-30° (typically for fixed wing training) or +20°/-40° (typically for rotary wing training).

Highest performance, optimal uptime

The CD-2260 uses five projectors based on Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS), which is the most performing technology for training and simulation systems. These projectors offer near eye-limiting resolution, extremely high contrast, NVG stimulation, and special smearing reduction to ensure crisp projection of fast-moving objects. In this way, the CD series meets or exceeds the certification requirements of aviation administrators around the world, including the FAA and EASA. Additionally, Barco's systems are designed to ensure the highest possible uptime, through easily accessible projectors, unique tools for aligning and maintaining multi-projector installations, and backup of settings.


  • Wide fields of view: 225° horizontally and 60° vertically
  • Vertical FOV can be split into +30°/-30° (for wide body training) or +20°/-40° (rotary wing training)
  • Displays out-the-window images at optical infinity, for optimal side-by-side cockpit training
  • Spherical metalized film mirror with 11ft radius
  • Designed using unique closed-loop process to accurately predict the system's performance
  • Improved sweet spot for pilots and wider range of possible cockpit configurations
  • Built using five Barco SIM 7 series projectors based on LCoS technology
  • Near eye-limiting resolution, extremely high contrast, NVG stimulation, and special smearing reduction to ensure crip projection of fast moving objects