CommonSENSE Software toolkit for image processing

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In today's military environments, quick and immediate access to visual information is of vital importance. However, turning mission-critical information into real-time knowledge typically requires extensive customization on the client's application programs.

Barco's CommonSENSE software toolkit offers a comprehensive application programming interface to help system designers with the rapid development of high-performance visualization applications. Combined with Barco's network client application for enhanced C4ISR, CommonSENSE enables operators in the field to connect and respond to mission-critical information anytime, anywhere.

Offered as an option to Barco's Display Processing Modules (DPM) and smart displays, CommonSENSE can be deployed into a variety of manned positions for mission-critical systems, including unmanned vehicle systems, ground army vehicles and naval C4ISR systems.


  • Simplifies application development to reduce cost and speed time-to-market
  • Enables technology refresh of hardware with no impact to application software for reduced lifecycle cost and platform stability
  • Preserves video information (frames, pixels) while performing complex manipulations in real time
  • Frees CPU of image processing to perform other operations



Full motion video (FMV)

  • Selection of any video, networked video or graphics source for processing, image composition and display
  • Controls for adjusting camera inputs (including brightness, contrast, saturation, edge alignment, and multiple de-interlacing modes
  • Positioning and sizing of video on the screen (including Picture-in-Picture)
  • Specification of how video content should be displayed, according to region of interest or pan, zoom and rotate parameters

Integration with graphics

  • References, tags and highlights to visualize content of interest
  • Metadata overlay
  • Integration with graphics applications, e.g. 3D video mapping, synthetic vision graphics

Image processing

  • Image enhancement, e.g. stabilization
  • Fusion of multiple sensors, e.g. image blending, image overlay
  • Integration with video analytics applications, e.g. intelligent motion detection, target tracking

Screen image operations

  • Live remote display
  • Recording
  • Playback


Unmanned vehicle systems

  • Manned and unmanned systems
  • Ground control systems
  • Distributed common ground system (DCGS)
  • Payload and analyst operator workstations

Naval C4ISR

  • UCAV/UCLASS EO/IR payload and analyst workstation
  • Command and control systems
  • Integrated bridge systems

Ground vehicles C4ISR

  • Situational awareness — 360° SA
  • Driver's video
  • Remote weapons sensor processing

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  • Library or standalone executable service
  • Operating systems: Linux and WindowsXP/XPe
  • Programming interface: C++ Library or url/http interface
  • Camera formats: NTSC/PAL/RS-170
  • Stream formats: MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264 via RTP and MotionJPEG2000
  • CUDA/OpenGL image processing and rendering
  • Up to 6 simultaneous camera inputs with 16 (or more) active video windows
  • Up to 5 simultaneous HD stream inputs with 5 (or more) active video windows
Performance using DPM-2E
Camera inputs: 3 cameras in 3 windows at 30fps with 2% CPU utilization
Streaming inputs: · 4 720p streams in 4 windows at 30fps with 1% CPU utilization
· 2 1080p streams in 2 windows at 30fps with 1% CPU utilization
Screen capture/recording: · 1920x1200 desktop with 10% content change at
· 15Hz with 10% CPU utilization