DPM-7700 High-performance ATC display server

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The DPM-7700 is Barco's latest graphics display server that allows ATC application servers to be separated from the controller working position. DPM-7700 acts as a high-performance networked graphics device for distributed systems and combines the latest graphics processing and computing performance into a compact, fanless package.

With the DPM-7700 as a separate display server, there is no longer a need for graphics generation on the application computer. This separation between graphics server and application computer offers a number of advantages:

  • The application computer’s overall performance increases and more advanced system architectures become possible. The application server is fully dedicated to compute-only operations since graphics controllers and input device interfaces are not required.
  • The space required for the controller working position can be organized more efficiently. The application server can even be placed in an equipment room hundreds of meters away.
  • The split between graphics – application allows for more cost-efficient, spread investments. Upgrades of the application server can be done without changing any other part of the system.


  • High performance X11 and GLX graphics capability
  • Fanless design and solid state storage for noiseless operation
  • Fast boot, very low maintenance and high reliability for highest up time
  • Multiple copper/fiber 1Gb network connections
    (primary and back-up system)
  • Drives two displays, up to 4MP per display (optionally drives four displays)
  • Designed for air traffic control applications, with specific monitor and control possibilities and customizable booting and configuration options
  • Supports Barco's Tellar display recording software with either local or networked archiving
  • Uses open interface standards (network, X11 protocol, etc) for platform and OS independence
  • Project specific customizations possible
  • Linuxoperating system
    • Ethernet bonding for redundancy/performance
    • Network audio server
    • Network time server (NTP)
  • X11 server
    • Single & Multiple display configuration
    • Customer font/remote font server support
    • USB mouse/keyboard support
    • XDMCP – remote connection to application server
  • BITEthrough SNMP
    • SNMP queries (cpu temp, voltage levels,…)
    • SNMP Actions (reboot OS, restart X-server, …)
  • Add-onsoftware option
    • X11R6 protocol recording through Tellar
    • Windows XP operating system (SSD required)
  • Small form factor housing (305x305x64mm – 12x12x2.5 inch)
    Standalone or ISIS rear mountable
  • Active Power Factor Correction Power supply – universal AC input
  • Processor: Intel® based, low power, small form factor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Solid state drive 4 GB USB
    (option 2.5” SATA flash drive 16/64 GB)
  • 4 port of Gb Ethernet (standard 2 ports copper)
    (option 2 ports - copper or fiber)
  • 2 video outputs (DVI-I 4M Pixel each) ( optionally 4 video outputs)
  • Peripheral IO: 6xUSB
  • Audio AC’97 – HDA, stereo output
  • Power on/off switch /  reset button
  • Power on/off indicator
  • Environmental specification highlights
  • Operating temperature: +10°C to +40°C
  • Storage temperature: -10°C to +60°C
  • Relative humidity: 10-80% non-condensing
  • Vibration: 0.5g up to 50Hz
  • Shock: 15g, 6msec
    • Emission -FCC Class A Volume II part 15 subpart B
    • Emission -EN55022 limit A
    • Immunity -EN50082-1
  • Safety: EN60950-1:2001  /  CE Mark
  • Other specification
    • Power consumption 75 Wmax; typical 50W
    • Weight <5.5 kg (12.1 lbs)
    • Acoustic noise: none (fanless)
    • MTBF: > 50,000- hours
    • MTTR: < 0.5 hours