Cisco TelePresence T3

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Rozwiązanie Cisco TelePresence System T3 oferuje w pełni realistyczne wrażenia podczas korzystania z rozwiązania Telepresence. Zaprojektowano je specjalnie z myślą o naturalnej współpracy twarzą w twarz i szybkim podejmowaniu decyzji. Dzięki połączeniu zaawansowanych technologii i projektu wszyscy uczestnicy mają wrażenie przebywania w tym samym pomieszczeniu. Oferta produktów Cisco TelePresence zapewnia korzyści umożliwiające przeobrażenie firmy.

W przypadku pytań, proszę o kontakt:

GSM. 504 58 64 88

tel. 22 490 31 43

Product Specifications



Cisco TelePresence T3 components

• Three 65-inch full high-definition (HD) LCD displays
• Three Cisco TelePresence Codec C90 codecs
• Three Cisco TelePresence PrecisionHD Cameras (1080p)
• Three speaker modules
• Integrated table
• Six directional microphones with fixed placement in the table
• Three 23-inch full HD touch collaboration displays and ceiling-mounted studio lighting modules

Note: An immersive room package, available for the T3 adds premium wood walls, Cisco® Blue nordic-sky-inspired light package and optional chairs.

Cisco TelePresence T1 components



• T3: Recommended 10.5 - 12 Mbps (1080p)

Firewall traversal

• Cisco TelePresence Expressway technology
• H.460.18
• H.460.19 Firewall Traversal

Cisco touch collaboration displays

• Language supported: English
• Available on integrated touch collaboration screens

Video standards

• H.263
• H.263+
• H.264

Live video resolution

• Optimal definition up to 1080p30 and 60 frames per second (fps) up to 720p

Audio standards

• G .711
• G.722
• G.722.1
• 64- and 128-bit MPEG4 AAC-LD
• AAC-LD Stereo

Audio features

• CD-quality 20-kHz mono and stereo directional audio
• Six integrated microphones

Dual stream

• H.239 (H.323) dual stream
• UXGA support for dual stream


• H.323
• SIP through Cisco TelePresence Video Communications Server

Embedded encryption

• H.323 point-to-point and multipoint calls
• Standards-based: H.235v2 and v3 and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
• Automatic key generation and exchange

Network interfaces

• Embedded network switch on the Telepresence Control Unit TCU with two 8-port switches typically used as separate LAN (video) Ethernet (PC/data) switches

Ethernet, Internet, and intranet connectivity

• TCP/IP, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Telnet, HTTP, Secure HTTP (HTTPS), Single Object Access Protocol (SOAP), and XML

PrecisionHD 1080P camera

• 12x zoom
• +25° and -15° tilt, +/- -90° pan
• 43.5° vertical field of view
• 72° horizontal field of view
• Focus distance: 0.3m-infinity
• 1920 x 1080 pixels progressive @ 60 fps
• Automatic or manual focus, brightness, and white balance


• Three full HD touch collaboration screens

System management

• Support for the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite
• Total management through embedded Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Telnet, Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol, XML, and SOAP
• Remote software upload (codec): Through web server
• One RS-232 port per codec

Directory services

• Support for local directories (My Contacts)
• Corporate directory
• Unlimited entries using server directory supporting Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and H.350
• Unlimited number for corporate directory (through Cisco TelePresence Management Suite] [TMS])
• Local directory with 200 numbers

System specifications

• Overall system dimensions (L x W x H): 110.2 x 189 x 65.7 inches (2800 x 4800 x 1670 mm
• Overall system weight: Approximately 1848 lb (840 kg)

Power consumption (normal operation)

• T3
• 3.8 kW including lighting
• 2.5-kW system
• 1.3-kW lighting

Operating temperature and humidity

• Ambient temperature: 32 to 95°F (0 to 35°C)
• Relative humidity (RH): 10 to 90%

Storage and transportation temperature

• -4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C) at 10-90% RH (noncondensing)

Power requirement

• Four 30A or 16A; 100-120V or 200-240V; 60 or 50 Hz