PCS-VCS - Video Conferencing Server Software

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Manage your VC conferencing needs across a large number of distributed sites. Enjoy smooth, seamless multi-point conferences with high-quality voice, HD or SD video with simultaneous PC data sharing.

PCS-VCS Server Software helps organisations communicate more effectively, linking dedicated videoconferencing systems at as many as 500 remote sites (depending on license).

It’s ideal for use with the Sony PCS-XG80, PCS-XG55, PCS-XL55, PCS-XA80 and PCS-XA55 videoconferencing systems. Remote workers can join virtual meetings from anywhere there’s a broadband IP connection available, requiring only PCS-EP endpoint software on their PC.

Easy expansion requires just a simple license purchase to cover up to 500 sites.

Software requires installation on a server (not included).


W przypadku pytań, proszę o kontakt:

GSM. 504 58 64 88

tel. 22 490 31 43

Communication protocol H.323 (ITU-T)
Video codec format H.261, H.263, H.264
Audio codec format G.711, G.722
Video resolution - HD 1080i (full screen Video Switch only), 720p, W432p, WCIF, 4CIF, CIF, QCIF
Video resolution - SD 4CIF, CIF, QCIF
Video aspect ratio - HD 4:3 or 16:9
Video aspect ratio - SD 4:3
H.239 content sharing Codec: H.263, H.264*1
Resolution: XGA
Video mode Full screen (Video switching mode)
Split screen (CPn mode) max. 16 split screen display
Highlight speaker and display terminal name
Video switching mode Voice switch, Time switch, Manual switch (Chairman, Selected user)
Audio mixing Audio mix of 5 loudest speakers as default
AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
Meeting type Normal meeting
All users have equal authority of speaker start/stop, etc.
Chairman control meeting
Chairman has authority of speaker start/stop, changing display
layout, etc.
Access method to meeting Calling out from endpoint (H.323 alias, E.164 number)
Calling out endpoint from MCU
Leaving by user operation
Leaving by administrator’s or chairman’s operation
Access control Setting access control for each meetings
Limit by H.332 alias, E.164 number, IP address
Setting for maximum connected users
Bandwidth limitation Max. bandwidth for each meeting and each user, Max. total bandwidth setting
Max. bandwidth control method
Static: New endpoint cannot enter when it reaches max. bandwidth
Dynamic: New endpoint can enter when it reaches max.
bandwidth, bandwidth is separate equally by all endpoints
Meeting scheduling Always activate
Scheduled (one time, everyday, every week, every month)
Calling out from MCU at reserved starting time
Number of connected site Single screen: Max. 500 endpoints
HD CP4 conference: Max. 250 (768kbps) Max.200 (1.5Mbps)
SD CP4 conference: Max. 400 (384kbps)
* CPU: Intel X5680 (3.33 GHz) x 2CPU, Memory: 12Gbyte
Administrative operation VCOnline web-based central management
Languages Japanese, English
Meeting reservation system Web-based meeting reservation function
Shared phone book Embedded shared phone book server of SONY PCS series
Firmware update Embedded firmware update function of SONY PCS-XG80/XG55/ XL55/XA80/XA55
*1 Available with upgrade